About HD

Hashiell Dammit is C.S. Stieber, or at least the part of C.S. Stieber that he thinks is presentable. Or at least slightly presentable. Not that he’s an unpresentable person, not by any stretch of your imagination. He just likes to segment things.

Dammit (rhymes with “goddamnit”) is an always-aspiring writer, comic, and editor. He is also an accomplished rake. He lives in Denver at the moment but is open to moving for any reason, especially reasons that involve money or cool experiences.

Among the many accomplishments Dammit can claim are: graduating from college, being an intern to Bush-Cheney ’04, practicing veganism and gun ownership, Food Not Bombs, working for the Sporting News, shaving, spoken word, caddying for Joe Montana, and celebrating Thanksgiving in Havana, Cuba.


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