MadLinks for December 6, 2010: Toons, Racists, Anthems, and Brain Damage

December 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’m back (been working on a few other things, like finding a decent job and hopefully a few other things I can share here), but here’s some stuff for December 6th:

–  Everyone shocked at Hughton’s firing at Newcastle clearly has forgotten the rest of Mike Ashley’s time as owner. Hubris defines the man, and I’m sure that he thinks that now that the team’s in 11th place (never mind just 4 points above relegation at the moment) that they’re juuust outside the range of Europa or even Champions League contention. What, you say? They only have 2-3 players who could make a Top 4 starting squad? Your common sense isn’t welcome here at St. James! God, I’m glad I’m a Magpie supporter. /midafternoonshotofwhiskey

– For the first time in a while I’m actually more optimistic for the USMNT’s midfielders and attackers at a camp than for the backs and keepers. Not sure if this is on the whole a good or bad thing, though.

– CagePotato brings the science on knockouts. A must read/watch for combat sports fans and a sober reminder of just how many nasty aspects of athletics we (choose to?) ignore in a telecast.

– Watched the Broncos-Chief crapfest yesterday, and you knew it was gonna be a rough one from the very beginning.

– As a dedicated self high-fiver, every player in the NBA needs to air-fives every game.

– Co-sign to this article, though I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen. As we know from Magary, all Bostonians are crypto-racists and would never approve of a dahhkie Celtic getting a memorial before Larry Bird.*

Also, from a SLAM interview, I think Russell might be one of the few athletes from any time to be able to say this:

SLAM: As much as your style of play changed the center position, was there anyone who came after you who captured your style?

RUSSELL: Maybe it’s egotism, but I have never seen another player who even approached the way I played the game in terms of depth. I’ve never seen anyone do the number of things I do well.

And still be impossibly modest and truthful.


*Totally unfair but still really really funny stereotype.**

**One that in my experience has a sad amount of truth to it.


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