MLS Attendance Numbers: Looking Good Boys, Looking Good.

July 27, 2010 § 1 Comment

MLS Talk’s done the legwork and put up the attendance numbers for Amurrica’s League:

Thoughts are as follows:

  • This is a sign of health and an exciting future for the league. Abstracting out the downturn in ’09 (for which I think we can give the Great Depression II credit), MLS has been growing steadily and not too rashly. I get the cries for faster success, but I’m much happier with the Tortoise than the Hare.
  • Week 17’s average attendance was 21,368. Ligue 1’s season average attendance was 21,050. That is all.
  • YTD MLS attendance average is 16,671, the NHL’s 09/10 attendance average was 16,985. And this was considered a banner year for hockey. Get with it, TV coverage and press.
  • Given trends, it’s not unreasonable to project MLS having attendance between Italy and Spain’s top leagues by 2020. Italy’s roughly 25k/game, Spain 29k/game. I realize it’s a false equivalence, that percentage-wise Spain and Italy will be far crazier and soccer more dominant. I also realize that we have an upward limit of about 22,500 as the average MLS stadium capacity. But still, that’s striking, even as a possibility.
  • MLS players are underpaid, by quite a bit. Taking averages of 16,671 and $22.50 per ticket, teams make roughly $375,00 per game. 16 home games a season makes for just over $6,000,000 a season on ticket revenues alone. The Galaxy, with the most expensive tickets and their attendance numbers comes out just under $10,000,000 off tickets alone. This is ignoring jersey sales, concessions, advertisers, broadcast rights, etc. Then we have this: average MLS salaries are about $138,000, and roughly 25 players per team come out to $3,450,000 or about 55-60% of ticket revenues. Players union: step yo game up.
  • Never change, Seattle. 36,159 average attendance. Jay-zus.

§ One Response to MLS Attendance Numbers: Looking Good Boys, Looking Good.

  • Steven says:

    I’m pretty sure those attendance numbers are going to be thrown off by the fact that MLS has introduced several new franchises over the past few years where attendance is probably going to be overinflated due to the excitement surrounding the teams. Also, when comparing to the NHL keep in mind that NHL arena capacities are significantly lower. At first glance it looks like league-wide the NHL attendance for 09/10 was running somewhere around 90%.

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