I’m Taking Credit For Nani’s Injury. My Blogging Is That Strong.

June 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

Well, then. Here’s the timeline:

1. Everyone in the World Cup is dropping like flies. It’s the apocalypse, man.

2. Said apocalypse has rendered everyone’s predictions into quivering piles of reduced protoplasm, festering piles of orc-flesh, burnt detritus silently floating across the vastness of space (pick your nerd imagery).

3. Seeing this, I enter the foray yesterday with my own rankings. I include the full qualifier that if more injuries occur that they will ruin my rankings. I even title my rankings “This Will Probably Be Defunct By Tomorrow.”

4. In the post, I use as a joking aside that Portuguese defender Carvalho would lose his eye while sneezing.

5. I wasn’t far off: this morning: Portugal winger Nani becomes latest star to be ruled out of finals. “Nani picked up the injury attempting an acrobatic shot in training on Friday in Lisbon.”

Behold my fearsome powers. Sure, the injury happened on Friday while my post was on Monday. But the media reported it, the really important part, on Tuesday.

I’m now accepting donations from national football associations to not talk about their teams.


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