Mmmm, That’s Some Good Prediction! Thanks, TheBigLead!

June 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

Yay, The Big Lead:

Squad: Let’s start with the sure things. Howard will be the starting goalkeeper. Jonathan Spector will start at right back.

There’s been a lot sniping at The Big Lead in the past few weeks. This little gaffe above summarizes up so well what many of my frustrations are with that site. Name-dropping as a way to assert authority (wow, you can name players on all 32 teams! While writing it on your computer!), an unearned attitude as tastemakers or “come here for the final word on X.”

But more than either of those things is the idea that, frankly, The Big Lead doesn’t give a damn if they are totally wrong about something as long as (1) they weren’t alone in their error, or (2) they took a stand on something that serious minds disagree on, and besides, man, people know our brand sometimes makes mistakes.

To hold oneself out as a leader in sports consumption on the Internet with one breath then retreat to the mob anonymity of the blogosphere when caught in error (look, he’s already defending his Duped By Spencer Hall moment with the web equivalent of “hey, Deadspin’s done it too!”), this is my complaint.


Also, even more so than “bloggers” in general, US soccer blogging is really grouped together. So if someone saw that mistake above (no way in hell Spector starts over Cherundolo), they’d think “Hmm, I wonder if all US fans are blowhards who probably aren’t really passionate?” And then that, or course, bleeds onto me.


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