Friday Timewaster: 1978 World Cup Final

May 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

(many many many thanks to TwoHundredPercent for pointing this one out)

1978. Netherlands-Argentina (which would be a dream final for this 2010 gig). The whole match. I’m in serious danger of over-rhapsodizing about this, so I’ll just toss it up and get out of the way. If you allow me one second to point out things I love about it, though, I’d appreciate it:

– Johann Cruyff as studio commentator!

– The Argentinian mustaches are outstanding.

– Apparently the British model of soccer broadcasting, the aristocratic and slightly fey play-by-play man with a guttural ur-Scotsman/Cockney paper boy color commentator at his side, has a tradition reaching back to at least 1978.

– Just the whole thing. Soccer was more physical back then, with tackles that really zapped ya, but everything is wonderfully, simply, blissfully the same: some flops, some moments of brilliance, some great players, but all in all a fun watch.

The rest here, at Internet hero Omar1000AK’s YouTube page. I’m in love.


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