Sir Ken Robinson at TED, Part II

May 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

Sir Ken Robinson gets back to TED to talk about education again:

So much good stuff in this, but takeaways include:

“a three year old is not half a six year old” – A-men. This happens all around us on a daily basis, this enumeration of age as a simple figure as opposed to experience acquired. I’m 25, and I’m surely not half of a 50 year old in terms of knowledge, experience, or wisdom.

“Kindergarten begins in kindergarten” – I might be part of the generation, so this will wax a bit anecdotal, but I think we’ve robbed an entire generation of the more natural and slow-moving growth that normally happens to kids. I had a college admissions consultant in 7th grade. Middle schoolers shouldn’t be worried about college rankings.

The rejection of the industrial model of education, and choosing the agricultural/local model- in one of my jobs, I am a tutor/instructor for prep classes for the LSAT, and it’s thrust me into all the messiness and chaos that is the teacher-student relationship. I took absolutely zero classes on pedagogical theory or environment-vs.-ability in terms of students, but I can say this: I am a (surprisingly) successful teacher because of my ability to form myself to each individual student. Credit my improv background, credit my innate chamelonic abilities, credit anything you want, I don’t care: personalizing and customizing is infinitely more important than curriculum.


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