Straight 100-proof truth.

April 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

Matt Ealer gives a shot:

No, see, the person I’m talking to here has a separate problem. One that he probably doesn’t even particularly know (or would even think) about. It’s a thing that most of us probably learned from a muppet or a preschool teacher or our mothers and grandmothers or fathers and grandfathers. It’s that thing about having your cake and eating it too.

Because really, for our purposes? You love feminism! You do! You think that it’s great that a woman can still be a proper lady without making some bullshit feints to “chastity” and “purity” before marriage. You surely think that the (molester-enabling Nazi) Pope should stay out of your bedroom. You don’t think that sex is purely for procreation. (You are in fact often scared shitless about procreation!) You’re even probably pretty happy that women aren’t chained to the home anymore, that they can go out and, like, make money and have lives.

I’m probably unqualified to speak to anything besides being a mid-twenties white guy, so I’ll hold off on saying this is true for everyone. The post really resonated in me. It’s always a constant struggle to remember the good things we have in society and who earned them for us, so any time re-center is much appreciated.

In other news, The Awl has been on a 13-month hot streak of output. 5 Gawker sites can’t match the 1 The Awl.


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